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Flower Frame DIY Guide

by JoAnn M. Drabble 01/19/2022

If you love the look of vertical gardens but don’t want the hassle of living plants, a silk or dried flower frame is the perfect project for you. Using either artificial or dried flowers (or a combination) you can create a lush, colorful piece of unique artwork for your home—no maintenance required. Here are the materials and steps involved in this DIY project.

What You’ll Need

Artist’s stretched canvas
Staple gun and staples
Hot glue gun
Paint or wood stain (optional)
Wire mesh
Dried flowers, artificial flowers or both

How to Build Your Flower Frame

  1. Instead of using a picture frame, for this project you can use a simple artist’s canvas. The dimensions are completely your choice.

  2. Remove the canvas from the wooden frame using your pliers.

  3. Add paint or wood stain if you wish. You can choose a color that contrasts with your flower choices or go with a dark natural stain for a traditional woodsy vibe. Confirm that the paint or stain is dry to avoid smudges.

  4. Measure and cut the canvas to get rid of the overlapping edges used to wrap the frame. The finished canvas should perfectly cover the frame.

  5. Staple the canvas back into place with the staple gun. Pull the canvas taut as you go to prevent any sagging.

  6. Measure and cut a piece of the wire mesh so that it’s slightly larger than the frame.

  7. Use your pliers to bend the edges over so that the mesh fits snugly inside the frame without poking out at the sides.

  8. If you haven’t already done so, prepare your flowers by cutting off the stems. If you are using trailing vines or flowers, measure out how much you want to spill over in your design.

  9. Attach the flowers by placing them in the mesh holes and adhering with a dot of hot glue. Hold each flower down for approximately 10 seconds to make sure the glue sets. Note that this placement is not permanent and you can pull out flowers to replace as needed.

  10. Enjoy creating your flower frame design. You can use all the same type of flower or mimic a bouquet. If you need ideas, try going with a particular color scheme or use one specific flower as your focal point and build around it.

Hang your frame wherever you wish and enjoy the beauty of your hard work. Whether you create a flower frame with dried flowers or artificial ones, you’ll have a unique piece of art for your walls and the skills to make as many as you want.

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